“The Young and the Restless” fans can’t get enough of Sally Spectra’s recent looks

Sally Spectra has taken Genoa City by storm, and in more ways than one. The fierce fashionista, played by Courtney Hope, is known for her keen sense of fashion. Originally a character on Love glory and beauty, Spectra worked as a designer at Forrester Creations. After ruffling a little too many feathers in Los Angeles, Spectra sought to take her design genius to Genoa City, Wisconsin, and fans of The young and the restless I just can’t get enough of her fresh style.

Read on to learn more about Sally Spectra and the epic looks she brought to the series.

The sisters daytime television fashion

Before turning heads with her fashion choices and design skills in Genoa City, Sally’s Specters was turning heads in Los Angeles. As The young and the restless and Love glory and beauty are sister shows, the character of Sally Spectra has rebounded from show to show. Spectra isn’t the only character to have a crossover role, either. In 1973, Y&R debuted on CBS. A decade later Y&R sister show B&B was born. Since the 1980s, many characters have traveled back and forth between LA and Genoa City in crossover storylines.

These crossover storylines are relatively easy to pull off because the characters in both series have so many similarities. One of the most significant similarities is that most of the characters in Y&R and B&Bwork in the fashion industry. With Forrester Creations in LA and Jabot Cosmetics in Genoa City, the characters on both shows speak the same language when it comes to fashion and design. Luckily for Sally Spectra, she seems to have found a few more allies in Genoa City so far than in her old home in Los Angeles.

‘The Young and the Restless’ fans dig Sally’s recent looks

Alex Wyse as Saul Feinberg, Patrika Darbo as Shirley Spectra and Courtney Hope as Sally Spectra | Sonja Flemming / CBS via Getty Images

In addition to forming new alliances with legendary personalities Y&R character Jack Abbott, Sally has also conquered many Y&R fans with her vibrant personality and daring fashion choices. In a recent Y&R crossing with B&B, Sally wore a beautiful blue dress. Fans noticed this vibrant look and shared their opinions on social media. Using the Twitter handle @Nekosmom, a fan wrote: “This outfit is a nice color on her! Same shade as her eyes, which I always thought were green!

It’s no surprise that Sally Spectra is turning heads with her keen fashion sense. The character would have extensive experience in the fashion industry at the time Y&R and B&B intrigues. However, some B&B Fans also joked on social media that it is hard to believe someone is supposed to have worked in the fashion industry with some of the looks that the characters on these shows have sported. For now, it looks like Sally has the fashion seal of approval from Y&R Fans.

Sally isn’t the only fashionista to turn heads in Genoa City

While Y&R fans are loving Sally’s recent looks, she’s not the only young Genoa City designer to turn heads. Summer Newman, one of Sally’s “enemies”, also caught the eye of Y&R fans for her stylish looks in the series. While Summer and Sally have seen plenty of ups and downs since Sally’s arrival, the pair seem to be on the same page when it comes to wearing the hottest looks.

While Summer and Sally never seem to get along, they may well be forced to put their differences aside and work together in the storylines to come. With Summer and Sally receiving threats of the addition of Tara Locke’s new character, the unlikely pair might just need to join forces. Only time will tell if Sally and Summer can put their differences aside and come to an agreement on something outside of fashion.

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