Twiggy Forrest pours money into fake meat maker ProForm | The Northwest Star

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In a move characterized as reflecting a commitment to sustainable food production, Western Australian beef giant Harvest Road is pouring money into a maker of plant-based alternative proteins. Harvest Road is the agribusiness division of Tattarang, the private investment firm of mining tycoon Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest. It has WA pastoral stations, the largest beef slaughterhouse in the state in Harvey, a very large feedlot development, and aquaculture operations. Tattarang’s latest investment secures a minority stake in ProForm Foods, which started as a joint venture with CSIRO and owns an $11 million plant-based protein manufacturing facility in northern Sydney. It uses a patented technology called PHMC – Proform High Moisture Cooking – to make a range of chicken-style fillets, beef-style strips, burger patties and meat-style patties, all made from plant-based ingredients, including 70 % are from Australia. The company, led by former Olympic swimmer Matt Dunn, supplies other brands of plant-based protein, but also has its own brand, Meet. ProFrom claims to have invested more than $20 million in “developing the taste and texture of plant-based meat to create products that replicate the experience of eating animal meat, with added health and psychological benefits. environment, and a clear and short list of ingredients”. It says Harvest Road’s investment will see the next phase of growth accelerate and help the company expand its existing production facilities in Sydney’s north as it “targets further growth in domestic and international markets while continuing to focus on locally sourced Australian ingredients.” IN OTHER NEWS: Mission is to use 100% locally sourced ingredients by 2025. New partnership announcement follows ProForm Foods launch of new line of meat products plant-based products in Coles supermarkets across the country, as well as in HelloFresh Meal Kits.For its part, Harvest Road says it is committed to investing in food production that benefits people and the planet. Chief Executive Paul Slaughter said producing sustainable food that meets the growing global demand for protein is a challenge we all need to address: “We recognize the opportunity to invest in Australian innovators who are ahead of the game. game in developing high-quality plant-based protein sources,” he said. “We are excited to support local manufacturing and production and believe ProForm Foods is uniquely positioned to target a growing community. further international growth using its innovative and cutting-edge production techniques.” Harvest Road believes the Australian plant market is booming, saying one in three Australians are either flexitarians or meat reducers. This claim, along with Proform’s marketing that plant-based fake meat offers “additional health and environmental benefits”, is likely to anger the meat production and processing industry. beef writ large, which strongly disputes these claims. Twiggy Forrest is no stranger to creating controversy in beef circles. Last year he claimed processors “really don’t have high standards when it comes to the last 50 yards of an animal’s life”. Beef industry executives said if the billionaire was looking for a brand difference, that was fine, but it was not acceptable to disparage the rest of an industry, unfairly, in the process.


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