Want lasting change? Convince your staff

Fashion Declare co-founder Thomas Berry is also Farfetch’s global director of sustainable business. Monthly webinars on decarbonization, social justice, and the circular economy are aimed at personal growth, in turn helping the businesses members work for. “There is a significant opportunity for change by empowering everyone in the industry to learn about sustainability and participate, not just senior management. Everyone must find opportunities in their role to achieve our ambitious goals. »

Integrate personal growth into companies

L’Occitane begins with recruitment. “We want people to see themselves as cultivators of change, so providing them with drip information is crucial. You can’t talk about something once and expect people to understand,” says Sophia Hosier, head of learning and development and internal communications at L’Occitane. New hires go through an onboarding process focused on what motivates them and how that aligns with company values. Staff then attend monthly meetings with HR and have individual development plans and mentoring. Success can be harder to measure, adds Hosier, but peer reviews and self-assessments are helpful.

“You often need a direct relationship with someone to show them why the climate crisis matters and how it relates to what matters to them,” says Ashley Gill, senior director of standards and engagement at stakeholders at Textile Exchange.

Outside speakers can inspire a shift in mindset, says stylist Francesca Burns, who has become a strong sustainability advocate since attending a talk with sustainable materials expert Nina Marenzi while working with the former creative director of Sonia Rykiel, Julie de Libran. “If your whole belief system changes, the outcome of what you do will change accordingly,” she says. “It’s just too uncomfortable to sit in this conflict.”

Model and environmentalist Zinnia Kumar, Kair founder Sally Hughes and sustainability expert Brittany Dickinson all attribute their commitment to sustainability to personal growth.

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