Watson is alive and well, continuing IBM’s quest to help drive AI in healthcare

IBM’s AI Watson system wowed the world Peril! 10 years ago, with a million dollar win over two human brains.

In the years that followed, the business collapsed trying to capitalize on advertising.

The strategy seemed to position Watson as a product line that would not only continue to dazzle AI enthusiasts, but also equip entire industries with AI.

Does not occur.

the New York Times recounts the company’s major missteps and contemplates Watson’s future – don’t bury him because he’s not dead yet – in a 2,500-word article updated on July 17.

Journalist Steve Lohr interviewed IBM insiders and close observers on their way to find Watson’s current leadership clearly humble, cautionary and determined to pursue more sober goals.

If he finally succeeds, he could still prove to be a leader in the AI ​​revolution.

“[T]he great visions of the past have disappeared. Today, instead of being a shortcut for technological prowess, Watson stands out as a sobering example of the pitfalls of the hype and technological pride around AI, ”writes Lohr. “It turns out that the march of artificial intelligence through the mainstream economy will be more of a step-by-step evolution than a cataclysmic revolution.”

Healthcare AI has sparked the imaginations of IBM’s tech product developers as much, if not more, than any other industry ripe for AI, Lohr shows.

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