Where to buy The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired clothing collection? Price and more explored

The 1993 musical fantasy film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, was produced by Tim Burton, and over the years the film has become a Disney fan favorite. Retailers like Hot Topic and BoxLunch recently fueled the fandom by launching a new fashion line inspired by the film.

This time around, BoxLunch has added an exciting and unique Sally patchwork hoodie and a Jack Skellington tie-dye sleeve hoodie to the range alongside accessories and lifestyle items like mugs, tarot card games, and more. HotTopic, on the other hand, also released a clothing collection this week. Both collections can be used on the respective retailer’s site. Prices for both collections range from $49.90 to $54.90.

Learn more about the new version The Nightmare Before Christmas collection on HotTopic and BoxLunch

New collection The Nightmare Before Christmas on HotTopic and BoxLunch (Image via HotTopic)
New collection The Nightmare Before Christmas on HotTopic and BoxLunch (Image via HotTopic)

pieces of The Nightmare Before Christmas-the inspired collections launched by retailers are fun and Disney movie fans will definitely look forward to them. Even though the film may not get a sequel, retailers and fans have kept the film’s flame alive.

In an interview with Comic book, composer Danny Elfman recently commented on the idea of ​​an official sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas and why this is unlikely to happen,

“I don’t think so. I think Tim always thought no, that’s how it was.”

On the other hand, fans watch the original 1993 staple film year after year throughout the holiday season, and the aforementioned collection may be a staple in their holiday wardrobe.

The moon was orange last night, there’s a new Nightmare Before Christmas product at BoxLunch…..in July, and everyone is getting into the spooky mood. EVERYONE GETTING READY FOR HALLOWEEN AND I’M RELAXING!!!!! 🥺🎃🥺🎃🥺 https://t.co/DjZSlWOYM2

Focusing first on the BoxLunch collection, the retailer released several exclusive items for the latest collection. Leading the collection, which is a BoxLunch exclusive, is the Jack Skellington Tie-Die Hoodie.

The sleeves of the hoodie feature a mismatched pattern, with one sleeve coated in black and other sail stripes. The hoodie can be redeemed for $8.90.

The second item in the collection features Sally’s Patchwork Hoodie. The hoodie is another BoxLunch exclusive and features multiple patches and patterns throughout the piece. A heart-shaped patch with the lettering “Sally” appears on the right side of the chest. The hoodie can be redeemed for $58.90.

Fans can also take a look at HotTopic’s latest collection inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. This week, the pop culture retailer continued its line with the launch of a handful of new wearable items, including hoodies, cameos, suspender skirts and more.

Leading the collection is a color-block hoodie. The hoodie features black, white and orange color blocking and accents a Jack with Zero on the front. Along the sleeves, bats, bones, Zero’s house and the “Pumpkin King” appear in black type.

The design of the hoodie is completed with a kangaroo pocket and silver chain cords. The hoodie can be used in standard plus sizes for $49.90 – $54.90

HotTopic’s second garment is the Strappy Skirt, which features a black and orange print of the faces of fan-favorite characters, such as Sally, Jack, Zero, and more.

The skirt features built-in adjustable straps with silver eyelets. The skirt also features lace-up details at the waist and additional pockets. Item can be redeemed for $44.90 to $49.90.

Both collections are equally lovely, and fans can head to both sites to pick their favorites.

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